About JMES

The Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences, published by Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, is licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, publishing license number 467/GP - BVHTT dated October 18th, 2002. From 4 volumes each year published in Vietnamese, since 2016 the journal has been issueing 6 volumes annualy, 2 English volumes are inclusive.

The Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences is a multi-disciplinary journal, to publish qualified scientific works in fields of mining, earth sciences, oil and gas, mechanics, electro-electricity, automation, geodesy-cartography and land management, environment, informatics, and economic and business management.

At present, the editorial board of the Journal is gathered of 46 prestigous scientists relevant to all fields of the Journal. Nineteen of them come from the USA, Germany, France, Norway, Poland, Rumania, Greece, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. Number of international potential scientists will be extended every year. Any submission is peer reviewed by regional and international standards.

The Jounal of Mining and Earth Sciences is a prestigous scientific and technological forum for international and Vietnamese scientists to exchange and publish their research results, which are attracting the interests of scientists, authorities, academic staff, post graduates students and other students not only in Vietnam. To date, publications of the journal are listed in rewards papers of many Councils for Professorships in disciplines/multi-disciplines.

Hanoi University of Mining and Geology aims to upgrade the Journal to join the Southeast Asian Citation Index system - ACI in the upcoming year, with support from the Ministry of Education and Training under the Decision number 201/QĐ-BGDĐT dated January 21st 2020.

  •  Name: Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences (JMES)
  •  ISSN: 1859 – 1469
  •  Organization: Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam
  •  Field: a multi-disciplinary journal