Model and Functions Design for the Web Atlas system
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  • Received: 20th-Nov-2013
  • Revised: 18th-Jan-2014
  • Accepted: 30th-Jan-2014
  • Online: 30th-Jan-2014
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The Web Atlas design and establishing has been significant interested and developed, however most of the current Web Atlas is still poor in tools, analysis and support functions for management. Especially with the administrative Web Atlas system, the construction of management model of administrative units combined with maps menu of the Atlas is an important issue and needed. Moreover, the construction and deployment of the Web Atlas applications in administrative work to support decision-making increasingly important role as the Web Atlas was developed on the basis of combination of the map technology, GIS with information technology, multimedia technology. This paper presents the results of research and models design process and system functions in the administrative Web Atlas and empirically established administrative Web Atlas of Lao Cai province.

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