Integration of damage curves and GIS to estimate the economic exposure for flood disaster assessment in the Vu Gia -Thu Bon river basin of Vietnam
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    1 Faculty of Geomatics and Land Administration, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam;
    2 Hanoi University of Nature Resources and Environment, Vietnam

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  • Received: 18th-Feb-2019
  • Revised: 3rd-June-2019
  • Accepted: 30th-June-2019
  • Online: 30th-June-2019
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The flooding is a common disaster in the world. Vietnam has no exception, the country has a long coastal line, monsoon rainfall seasons, tropical storms and river deltas located from the North to the South, those are favorable condition for flooding occurring. As the results, Vietnam is one of heavy affected by flood disaster. There are several studies and researches about flood and disaster reduction have been conducted in Vietnam, but most of them use qualitative assessment in flood disaster assessment, which is provide the generic view of flood in Vietnam but difficult to estimate the economic loss by flood. The Vu Gia- Thu Bon river basin has been selected to conduct study. In this study, we focus on developing the damage curves which is presenting the damage levels based on the water depth of each type of land use present in flooding area. The damage curves have been constructed for 7 types of land use in the study area, which is selected by investigating the flooding report of authorities. This process considers the nature of land use types, living and socio-economic conditions of the study area. The economic exposure value is defined by using disaster report standards for agriculture, urban and rural residential, transportation and infrastructure. For the industrial and commercial land, we obtain the economic exposure by service prices and investment report of authorities. The damages curves combined with economic exposure by applying GIS analysis to provide economic loss estimation. The result is validated with the disaster report which acquired from disaster management authority. The result shows the potential of using damage curves and GIS application in quantitative disaster assessment, especially with the flood. The result can be applied as the disaster assessment tool for central and local authorities in the standardization of disaster reporting and management

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Quan, D.Anh, Anh, T.Van and Quy, B.Ngoc 2019. Integration of damage curves and GIS to estimate the economic exposure for flood disaster assessment in the Vu Gia -Thu Bon river basin of Vietnam. Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 60, 3 (Jun, 2019).