The effective application of mud cooler machine to support to carry out the infill wells in Cuu Long basin

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    1 Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam
    2 An Phong Insulation Company, Hanoi, Vietnam

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  • Received: 2nd-Feb-2021
  • Revised: 21st-May-2021
  • Accepted: 15th-June-2021
  • Online: 10th-July-2021
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This paper presents some studies on the application of mud cooler in Oil & Gas drilling in a high temperature, high pressure condition of Cuu Long reservoir. The authors have proposed a method to study the theory of temperature effects on drilling fluid properties, that have been tested practically. The authors have remarked on each type of drilling rig and installation location. With these remarks, the authors give an option to install the "Mud cooler" on the rig at the appropriate location and method so that the temperature of the solution will be ensured to reduce to a safe level. The effective application of this equipment has greatly assisted drilling process since the fluid temperature has been reduced sharply before returning to the mud tank. This has helped cut down expenses significantly by prolonging eqipment's endurability, saving time for drilling, ship renting, drilling services and minimize the budget spent on buying the fluid and additives to recover it. Thus, the drilling workers' working conditions have been facilitated. The results of these studies have been proved scientifically and practically through the successful drilling of well ST-3P-ST. This will make the way for other local wells and reservoirs which have the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

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Nguyen, T.Tran and Nguyen, S.Hoang 2021. The effective application of mud cooler machine to support to carry out the infill wells in Cuu Long basin (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 62, 3a (Jul, 2021), 76-84. DOI:

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