Topographical change assessment of tidal flats in Ha Long - Cam Pha, Quang Ninh using Landsat

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    1 Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam
    2 University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam
    3 Co Do National Resources and Environmental office, Can Tho, Vietnam
    4 Tan Cuong Construction Consulting and Map Surveying Co., Ltd, Can Tho, Vietnam

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  • Received: 13th-Nov-2021
  • Revised: 24th-Feb-2022
  • Accepted: 24th-Mar-2022
  • Online: 30th-Apr-2022
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Assessment of landform change in tidal flat is crucial for ecological environment protection, coastal erosion prevention and development likelihood for local people. Multi-temporal remote sensing images are useful data to detect the change of tidal flat. This study aims to assess intertidal topographic changes by comparing digital elevation model (DEM) from 1988 to 2014. The DEMs were generated from Landsat images from 1988÷1990; 2000÷2001 and 2013÷2014 using the waterline method. Correlation between DEM in 2013÷2014 and field data reached the value R of 0.821. The area variation of tidal flat topography is presented by spatial indicators. (1) the change of area of tidal flat such as high tidal flat, middle tidal flat, and low tidal flat using overlay analysis. (2) volume change of tidal flat were detected by subtraction from DEMs. The area of tidal flat decreased 25.56 ha which shows erosion from 1988÷2001. Overall, 1000m3 of sediment deposited on the high tidal flat was indicated.

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Pham, L.Thi, Tong, S.Si, Le, H.Thu Thi, Do, T.Van and Mai, H.Ngoc Thi 2022. Topographical change assessment of tidal flats in Ha Long - Cam Pha, Quang Ninh using Landsat (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 63, 2 (Apr, 2022), 52-61. DOI:

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