Mathematical construction of single analytical stereoscopic model
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  • Received: 18th-Mar-2013
  • Revised: 19th-Apr-2013
  • Accepted: 30th-Apr-2013
  • Online: 30th-Apr-2013
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The article presents the algorithm which can use to create analytical single model from photographs that were taken by different cameras and in a certain provided imaging geometry. The algorithm is built on the basis of using the same plane of the 3-equational vectors (vector of image bottom line, vectors of left and right pixels) in space. The process of modeling the single analytical stereoscopic model is done in two steps. First, identify and adjustment the oriented elements of the left and right images of a pair of stereoscopic images. Second, determination and adjustment of spatial coordinates of the set of points on the model. Algorithm is used to measure the pair of analytical stereoscopic images which have been programmed. The program, calculated by the number of data samples, confirms the accuracy and the applicability of the algorithm in analytical measuring a pair of stereoscopic photos

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Tran, T.Dinh and Tran, H.Thanh 2013. Mathematical construction of single analytical stereoscopic model (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 42 (Apr, 2013).