Prediction of ground vibration due to blasting: case study in some quarries in Vietnam
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    1 Faculty of Mining, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam;
    2 Environment of Natural Resources and Environment of Hagiang Province, Vietnam;
    3 Hoang Viet Phuong Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

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  • Received: 1st-Feb-2018
  • Revised: 15th-Apr-2018
  • Accepted: 29th-June-2018
  • Online: 29th-June-2018
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In limestone quarries, drilling - blasting is still the most popular and effective method of breaking rocks and used widely today in Vietnam. In blasting process carried out in surface mines, a series of bad impacts on the environment are generated such as ground vibration, air blast, flying rock, dust and toxic gases. The contents of the article present the method for prediction and reduce of ground vibration in blasting at limestone quarries. Ground vibration levels experimental were analyzed by the method analysis ANOVA and the binomial probity regression model such as “Linear Model Fit” with different confidence levels from 85-99%. The methods analysis was estimated and presented the safe explosive charge or the dimensions of dangerous zones with respect to the seismic effect of the blasting at limestone quarries

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Tuan, N.Anh, Dinh, N.An, Giang, V.Van and Quynh, T.Van 2018. Prediction of ground vibration due to blasting: case study in some quarries in Vietnam. Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 59, 3 (Jun, 2018).