Complete methodology to resist in mechanism longwall mine 6# at Nam Mau Coal Company

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    1 Faculty of Mining, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam;
    2 Vinacomin - Mong Duong Coal Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

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  • Received: 15th-Oct-2019
  • Revised: 26th-Jan-2020
  • Accepted: 28th-Feb-2020
  • Online: 28th-Feb-2020
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Geological condition of 6# at Nam Mau coal mines is very complicated for mechanism longwall method, specialy was cause of is the cause of difficulties in moving hydraulic support, so it is necessary to have appropriate reform solutions for the support equipment to operate effectively. The result of dynamic field measurements at the site shows that the maximum support pressure is from 5 to 10 m in front of the mechanism longwall. The coal seam area is located close to the working face due to the influence of the support pressure and beyond the durable limit which was in an unconsolidated state, so it is possible to cause the mirror landslide and topping out. Calculation results show that the distance of 15 m against advance reinforcement at the junction of the furnace head and foot furnace as designed. The results of the study of the distribution of surrounding longwall face pressure, length of longwall need longer 40 meters.

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Nguyen, H.Phi, Nguyen, K.Cao, Bui, T.Manh, Lai, T.Quang and Tran, T.Van 2020. Complete methodology to resist in mechanism longwall mine 6# at Nam Mau Coal Company (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 61, 1 (Feb, 2020), 116-123. DOI:

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