Design calculations and simulation dynamics of banana screen

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    Faculty of Electro - Mechanics, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam

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  • Received: 19th-Feb-2020
  • Revised: 18th-Mar-2020
  • Accepted: 29th-Apr-2020
  • Online: 28th-Apr-2020
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The banana screen is a device used to classify materials widely used in screenings factories at home and abroad. It's working ability depends on many factors (kinematic parameters, technological parameters, particle size, and material moisture,...). If using the traditional method to determine suitable parameters to reach high efficiency, it is very difficult. Because the calculated results are not accurate, it takes a designer much time and makes the manufacturing cost increase. In this study, the author uses the computer software CREO, ADAMS, ANSYS to design and simulate the dynamics of the screen. The results of study are the dynamic parameters of the screen during the working time and are shown in different graphs (Elastic pillow deformation of spring; the force exerted on the elastic pillow; the center velocity of vibration box; center acceleration of vibration box; static energy of vibrates box; translational momentum of vibration box; moment momentum of vibration box). These results also can be applied to design banana screens, which have a high capacity and efficiency as well as a long lifetime.

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Nguyen, X.Van 2020. Design calculations and simulation dynamics of banana screen (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 61, 2 (Apr, 2020), 50-57. DOI:

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