Study for gravel slection and pack operation for oil production well on Song Doc oil field

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    1 PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corperation, Hanoi,Vietnam
    2 Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam

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  • Received: 7th-Feb-2021
  • Revised: 26th-May-2021
  • Accepted: 16th-June-2021
  • Online: 10th-July-2021
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Sand control by gravel packing is by far the most reliable and effective sand control method and is being used worldwide. One of the most important factor for successful operation is gravel size selection which is suitable with properties of well and particle size of sand from the reservoir, also the operation method needs to be considered during study. Due to the variety of different oilfield, the selections of gravel size and operation method are challenges for petroleum engineer and manager. Oil production wells in Song Doc oil field are producing in Miocene and Oligocene with very high rate of sand production; some of the wells were plugged by sand. Therefore, the study on the selections of gravel size and operation method is needed and important. In this study, theory analyzing was used in order to yield advantage and disadvantage of each gravel packing method and their operation. Based on the operating condition on Song Doc field and the availability of equipment on site, gravel packing method by thru-tubing with vent screen was selected. The coil tubing was chosen as the operation method. This is the best sand control method for the Song Doc oil field with low cost and high effectiveness sand control.

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Tran, Q.Anh, Nguyen, A.Hai, Nguyen, V.The and Nguyen, H.Tien 2021. Study for gravel slection and pack operation for oil production well on Song Doc oil field (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 62, 3a (Jul, 2021), 48-56. DOI:

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