Research processing Hatu fine coal byflotation column device
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  • Received: 14th-Sept-2012
  • Revised: 17th-Oct-2012
  • Accepted: 30th-Oct-2012
  • Online: 30th-Oct-2012
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Due to specific mining and processing of Hatu coal mine, there is a large amount of low grade fine coal that is extremely difficult to be sold. Therefore, it is urgent need to find the method for upgrading of this coal to reduce environmental pollution and to preserve mineral resources. There are a number of processing methods to improve the quality of coal in Vietnam. One of perspective methods is flotation. Flotation column device is a relatively new device to separate coal but there is limited studies of such devices for fine coal of Vietnam. This report is to study separating Hatu’s coal by this device. Tests were run at a set of changing operating conditions including solid concentration, collector and frother consumptions, air pressure, height of column and type of collectors. Clean coal was yielded at 29.92% of ash and recovery of combustible matterial is of 90.76%) and giving new flowsheet to upgrading of Hatu’s coal

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