U - Pb geochronology and composition of zircon mineral from granodiorite in the G18 Gold mine, Quang Nam and its significance in regional tectonics

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    1 Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam
    2 National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

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  • Received: 17th-Nov-2020
  • Revised: 3rd-Mar-2021
  • Accepted: 29th-Mar-2021
  • Online: 30th-Apr-2021
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The Tam Ky - Phuoc Son suture zone (TPSZ) is located in central Indochina and is referred to as a amalgamation site between the Truong Son and Kon Tum terranes during the early Paleozoic. The amphibolite and ultramafic rocks within the region were considered as a part of the Tam Ky - Phuoc Son ophiolitic complex. In this study, the authors present results of the U - Pb dating and trace element composition of the zircon grains derived from a granodioritic sample collected in the G18 gold mine in Quang Nam province in order to clarify the timing of magma emplacement and tectonic setting. The U - Pb dating data indicates that the granodioritic rocks formed at 447,4±2,9 Ma while the U/Yb ratio is ̴1 (average: 1.32) and the Sc/Yb ratio is ̴ 1.04, high Hf content (Average Hf: 10937 ppm) and low Yb content (Average Yb: 308 ppm). These geochemical values are comparable with the zircon, which is formed in the continental magmatic arc. Combination with the pre - existing data allowed us to confirm the existence of two contrast magma members in the North Kontum massif: The Middle Cambrian island arc complex and the Middle Ordovician continental complex.

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Ngo, T.Xuan, Bui, H.Vinh, Tran, H.Thanh, Phan, B.Van, Dang, B.Van and ., D.Anh Vu 2021. U - Pb geochronology and composition of zircon mineral from granodiorite in the G18 Gold mine, Quang Nam and its significance in regional tectonics (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 62, 2 (Apr, 2021), 1-11. DOI:https://doi.org/10.46326/JMES.2021.62(2).01.

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