Research facility location theory of free geodetic network
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  • Received: 11st-Dec-2014
  • Revised: 10th-Jan-2015
  • Accepted: 30th-Jan-2015
  • Online: 30th-Jan-2015
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The article content has established the theoretical basis for positioning the free geodetic network. Positioning algorithm is built on the basis of combined net adjustment problems and problem free defined parameter Helmert transformation, which allows for the positioning geodetic network in a flexible manner. consistent with the requirements for each type of network. The argument raised in the article closely logic, proven both in terms of theory and practice. The results and the recommendations in the article set the stage for the application of the method geodetic free-network adjustment to solve various problems of specialized surveying works

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Tran, K. and Nguyen, H.Viet 2015. Research facility location theory of free geodetic network (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 49 (Jan, 2015).